Yao-Yuan Mao

PITT PACC Langley Fellow


Some of these tools are (unfortunately) not very well documented. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
A simple interface which lets you search arXiv ID, DOI, ADS bibcode, and first author + year, without typing syntax keywords (such as "author" or "year"). See examples therein. If you like INSPIRE more, there is also hep portal. Source code is on Gist.
A Python script that finds all citation keys in your LaTeX documents and search NASA ADS to generate corresponding bibtex entries. It recognizes author:year, arxiv identifer, DOI, and ADS bibcode.
A simple bookmarklet that brings you to the corresponding Vox Charta page of the arXiv paper you're reading so that you can vote for it.
A web interface that uses Google Charts API to show all the scatter plots between any two columns in a multi-column Google Spreadsheet. Source code is on Gist. A downloadable version can be found on GitHub.
A simple webpage to generate image cutouts of the Dark Energy Camera Legacy Survey. This tool is similar to the SDSS Image List Tool. Source code is on GitHub.
A python module to create (interpolate and extrapolate) abundance functions and also provide fiducial deconvolution (with Peter Behroozi's implementation) and abundance matching.
This repository contains a set of useful, but not necessarily related, Python scripts that carry out or accelerate many different tasks in my research. Most of them involve dark matter simulations. In particular, you can find Python scripts that and many mores!
A Python wrapper of Peter Behroozi's fast3tree code (taken from Rockstar).
An automatic system which browses through new arXiv astro-ph papers everyday and sends personal suggestions to subscribers. It also sends discussion suggestions to Tea organizers, and discovers new papers that are authored by KIPAC members.
(Currently this system is open to only KIPAC members. If you are a member of KIPAC and want to become a subscriber, just talk to me. I do plan to expand this service and to open it for all, or to make the system easy to install. If you are interested in this, please contact me.)
A Python script to run Peter Behroozi's Consistent Trees (replacing "do_merger_tree.pl").
A Python script that generates a page which plots the particle mass as a 2D function of number of particles and box size for N-body simulations.
An offline web app for quickly browsing through a list of NASA-Sloan Atlas objects.
Provides the Tracy–Widom distribution functions for β = 1, 2, or 4 in Python.