Yao-Yuan Mao

University of Utah
Yao-Yuan Mao | University of Utah | yymao.github.io


My research focuses on the nature of dark matter, galaxy formation physics, and the uniqueness of our own Milky Way. In particular, I use theoretical models, numerical simulations, and large astronomical survey data to study dwarf galaxies in the Milky Way and the nearby Universe, and to model the relation between galaxies and their host dark matter halos (also known as the galaxy–halo connection).

Galaxy-halo connection (left: dark matter halo; right: M31 Galaxy)

Below I detail the areas of my research interest, with links to selected papers. I also list the science collaborations that I have participated in and my contributions. You can also check out my Curriculum Vitae (CV) PDF icon, and a list of my publications.

Areas of Interest


I participate in many collaborative projects, including:

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